Export your terra transactions to Koinly

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Currently Supported

  • We support generating a Koinly compatible CSV file for the following types of transactions
  • All sends, receives , and shuttle transactions
  • Mirror asset LP adds and removals
  • Mirror staking rewards
  • Mirror and Terra native swaps
  • UPDATE 4-6-21: Added support for mETH, MBTC, mGME, mGS, mFB, mSPY, mABNB,mAMC,ANC
  • UPDATE 4-6-21: Reports are now processed on the backend. This should help with report generation for wallets that have 10000s of transactions.

Known Issues

  • Some transaction deposit history is missing sporadically, this may only affect new wallets, this appears to be an issue with graphql . Update: graphql only starts tracking a wallet after their first mirror transaction , we have no fix for this currently but are working on a proposal to build out an infrastructure to better track and analyze terra transactions stay tuned.
  • Only the tax fee is recorded for swap transactions
  • No fee is being recorded for send transactions
  • CDP transactions are not currently supported
  • Currently LP tokens use the token names NULL1, NULL2, etc, these names will remain consistent everytime you use this application. The actual LP token name is in the transaction description, we have struggled getting Koinly to support terra native LPs and this is the only solution available currently. 

Coming Soon

  • Support for CDPs minting/closing
  • Support for terra native LP adds and removals 
  • Better support for tracking fees 
  • Support for named LP tokens (dependent on support from Koinly)
  • More transaction tracking tools to better track and manage your mirror/terra transactions.

Support This Project

  • This site was created and is maintained by Papi (TG:@papi95) of the mirror/terra community.
  • If you would like to support this project please consider a donation to: terra1qqllfruhe96zhsrhpx35zvv7vnne05923us0lk
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